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Tutorial: New to LiveJournal?

by pipisafoat


If you've just started your LJ account to participate in the Flame and are feeling a little bit out of your league, don't worry! This tutorial will help you learn how to post an entry, reply to a friend's entry or comment, and navigate the basics of the site. For more information, there are some communities geared towards helping new people get acclimated - be sure to check out the Newbie Guide's Basic Do/Don't Post! As always, the members and mods of the Flame are glad to answer any questions you might still have after reading this tutorial.

To post an entry, click on the link that says "Post" at the top of the page; it will take you to this page. You have a choice of whether to use the Rich Text editor or the HTML editor. For a handy guide to some basic HTML, check out this tutorial. The Rich Text Editor is typically pretty easy for people to figure out; it's very similar to Microsoft Word and similar programs.

Most people who write longer pieces of fiction will put them behind an LJ cut to keep from clogging up their friends page. Other things you might want to put behind a cut include large images, videos, moving images or text, and anything that is NSFW - that means "Not Safe For Work" and typically includes any adult content, be it images, text, or even especially strong language. This is to help the page load faster (in the case of images, videos, and large blocks of text) and to help the people who may be browsing LiveJournal at work or around children. LJ cuts are covered in that HTML tutorial!

To reply to a post, most layouts will automatically have text that says "Post a new comment." Some people may have modified this text to say something different - Brigits_Flame says "light your fire" in some places instead. Next to this, there is usually a link that says "## comments" - on the Flame, this says "## Candles Burning." If you are trying to reply to a specific comment that has already been made to the post, it is best to go to that comment and click "Reply to this comment" (in some layouts, just "Reply"). By clicking "Post a new comment," you are addressing the original poster (OP) of the entry rather than anyone who may have commented.

Looking for more information? Most basic questions have been asked already! The LiveJournal Frequently Asked Questions are a good place to find more information. As always, the members and mods of the Flame are glad to answer any questions you might still have.