Vault News

Welcome to the Vault! Please enjoy the community's contributions to our files. If you'd like to donate some time or talents, please check out our tutorial wish list, archives wish list, audio section, or share any other ideas you have with us!

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The Archives feature databases of all past main, mini, and art contest topics; who provided those topics; who won each contest; and a selection of past chatter post topics.


The Projects page features humanitarian projects, Flame members' creative spaces (for writing, art, or crafts!), and a compliation of known writing contests on the internet.

Tutorial Writers Needed!

We're always looking for more tutorials! We currently have four main categories into which tutorials will be sorted: Navigating LJ and the Technical Side of Brigit's Flame; Creating and Sharing Visual or Audio Art; Community Participation: Feedback, Editing, and ROAR; and Miscellaneous. Please check the Tutorial Index to be sure you're not repeating another tutorial, but other than that, any relevant topic is welcomed! Simply write your tutorial and email it to the mods - don't forget to attach any screenshots you'd like included! We'd be glad to add it to the website.


While we welcome any topic, we are also looking for a few specific tutorials:

  • Creating audio recordings with mp3mymp3
  • Creating audio recordings with other programs, including how to obtain the program used in the tutorial
  • Using an already-created icon on LiveJournal or adding a banner to a LiveJournal profile page, including how to credit the maker
  • Leaving quality feedback on authors' entries

This list is a starting place, not a limit! Please feel free to cover any topic you think members would find helpful.