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Welcome to the Vault! Please enjoy the community's contributions to our files. If you'd like to donate some time or talents, please check out our tutorial wish list, archives wish list, audio section, or share any other ideas you have with us!

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The Tutorials Section is a technical resource for topics relating to operating the polls integral to the contests, using community artwork, making voice recordings or artwork, and leaving constructive feedback on entries.


The Archives feature databases of all past main, mini, and art contest topics; who provided those topics; who won each contest; and a selection of past chatter post topics.

Humanitarian Projects

None currently listed.


Do you know of any humanitarian causes that should be brought to our members' attention? Let us know!


Members' Creative Spaces

Fiction and Meta Writings


Arts & Crafts


Digital and Handdrawn Art

  • Hwango's artwork - Hwango is a fantastic freelance artist just waiting for you to hire him to draw something for you!


Do you have a creative space to list here? Email us!


Other Writing Communities, Contests, and Links

NaNoWriMo and Related


Other LJ Communities

  • All Year Sprints - an LJ community for organized writing sprints, in which people meet in an AIM chat room and write for a predetermined amount of time before chatting
  • Line By Line - an LJ community create to get many people to use a shared line, phrase, sentence, or title to create stylistically different pieces of writing all from the same inspiration
  • All Unwritten - an LJ community with daily writing prompts


Writing Communities on Other Platforms

  • Inkstains - a Dreamwidth (DW) community that offers weekly prompt-based writing contests
  • Writers - a DW community for writers to discuss the craft of writing
  • Fiction - a DW community for fiction writers to post their finished and in-progress original work


Do you know of any writing communities or contests not mentioned here? Email us!