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Welcome to the Vault! Please enjoy the community's contributions to our files. If you'd like to donate some time or talents, please check out our tutorial wish list, archives wish list, audio section, or share any other ideas you have with us!

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The Tutorials Section is a technical resource for topics relating to operating the polls integral to the contests, using community artwork, making voice recordings or artwork, and leaving constructive feedback on entries.


The Projects page features humanitarian projects, Flame members' creative spaces (for writing, art, or crafts!), and a compliation of known writing contests on the internet.

Audio Area

This section is still under construction as we gather volunteers and begin to implement the plan. Would you like to help start the Audio Area? Email the moderators, who will put you in touch with the project leader. If you would like to list a winning entry to be read, volunteer all your entries to be available for recording, or have your name added to list of readers, email the moderators. Readers, please be sure to obtain the author's consent and review any unfamiliar pronunciation (especially of characters' names) with the author before recording any story not listed below!

Any author who wishes a story read may contact a reader on the third list below. Please be aware that a reader may not have the time to record your story immediately! Any reader who wishes to record a story may contact any author on the first or second lists below. Please be aware that an author on the second list may have a specific entry in mind to be read, or they may have a specific entry they would prefer not to be read!


The following winning entries are available to be read:

The following authors have volunteered to have a nonwinning entry read:

The following members have offered their voice talents to record entries:

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