Vault News

Welcome to the Vault! Please enjoy the community's contributions to our files. If you'd like to donate some time or talents, please check out our tutorial wish list, archives wish list, audio section, or share any other ideas you have with us!

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The Tutorials Section is a technical resource for topics relating to operating the polls integral to the contests, using community artwork, making voice recordings or artwork, and leaving constructive feedback on entries.


The Projects page features humanitarian projects, Flame members' creative spaces (for writing, art, or crafts!), and a compliation of known writing contests on the internet.

Vault Archives

This section of the Vault is here to keep you up to date on various things happening on the Flame. Feel free to browse the following areas:

  • Contest Topics, organized by type of contest and date of contest, with a record of who provided the prompts and who won each contest. You can look at an HTML table on this page or download an Excel spreadsheet with the same information.
  • Chatter Posts, organized by dates. Unfortunately, we have not been able to update this resource in some time, but it is very complete for the time period included!
  • The Winners' Circle, a listing of all the people who have won a main, mini, or art contest along with the date of that contest. Each winner's name links to their profile on LiveJournal.


We hope to begin expansion of the Archives soon. Currently planned projects include an audio section for recordings of past entries, especially those who won a month or week of the main contest. We welcome more suggestions for the Archives!


Would you like to help with the Archive expansion? No technical knowledge is required! Simply peruse our Archives Wish List and join the team for any project that tickles your fancy. If you have any great ideas for the Archives that are not yet on this list, let us know; we'd be glad to add them to the log!