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07/10/14: Two heads have always been better than one, (just ask Zaphod) but two faces can be too. We've added a new face to the Brigit's Flame community on Facebook come visit! Brigit's Flame

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Brigit's Flame is a LiveJournal-based writing community dedicated to helping people grow as writers. We run a monthly writing contest, offer peer editing, and are dedicated to making sure that every person who brings their writing to our community has their writing read and commented on.

Every day, our community has a daily "Chatter Post", which presents community members with a new question to think about and discuss among the members. All members are invited to join in our conversations.

If you'd like to visit a great online writing community that's dedicated to helping one another, visit the Brigits Flame LiveJournal Community or Brigits Flame Facebook Community!


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Currently, we can only accept LiveJournal members to our group, but you're very welcome to create a free LiveJournal account and join us. Anyone is welcome to our community - we accept all people from all walks of life. Be prepared to have your ideas challenged, your thoughts explored, and your creativity exercised!

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